Your Own Dragon. Completely Unique To You.

Dragon Creek: A Dragon Raising Simulator

Battle, train, and care for your very own dragon in Dragon Creek! Dragon Creek seeks to capture the dragon craze of the early 2000s, as well as pay homage to some of the games Rekkeld  grew up with as a child, such as Monster Rancher, Tamagotchi, and Dragonseeds.

Every dragon procedurally generated

Enter a word or phrase at the shrine and see a dragon forged from it! 

Full character customization

Hundreds of different outfits, each available to be custom colored at any time! Ride your dragon in style. Or just run around in your underwear. 

An entire ranch at your disposal!

Choose from several different saddle styles and mount up! Explore your ranch and nearby town on dragon-back. The ranch has seasons, weather, and day/night cycles that will effect dragon health and happiness.

In depth care system

Your dragon will need to be fed, washed, and sheltered. Make sure to keep an eye on food preferences, or they may get stressed out.  Clean up after them or they will get sick. Dragons need to sleep, but don’t leave them out in the rain!

Train your dragon in fun mini-games

Complete training games to prepare your dragon for battle! Do well in the mii-game and your dragon will 


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